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Welcome To OAWM

(Oculoplastic Associates of West Michigan)
Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery

OAWM are skilled in functional, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the eyelids, brows and eye socket.  Treatments are customized to your unique needs, and both surgical and non-surgical treatments are available!

Meet Tiffany Kent, MD, PhD

Dr. Tiffany Kent is a specialist in ophthalmic cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Her expertise includes functional surgery, cosmetic surgery and rejuvenation. Cosmetic services include upper and lower blepharoplasty, brow lifting, injectables and laser skin resurfacing.


Functional services include the treatment of eyelid malignancies and lesions, eyelid malpositions, as well as movement disorders such as benign essential blepharospasm and hemi facial spasm.  Orbital services include tumors, thyroid eye disease and periorbital trauma.

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